Our advice: buying a new car – leasing or credit?

Our advice: buying a new car – leasing or credit?

January 30, 2020 Off By admin

Many of us, especially young people, face the problem of lack of money for additional expenses. This does not mean that we are having trouble taking care of personal finances. Quite the opposite – according to research, more and more Poles are aware of the need to carefully distribute their capital and broaden their knowledge in the banking sector.

We are showing a growing desire to get new information that has a positive impact on our daily lives. After all, the more we have, the easier it is for us to spend hard earned money wisely. We are increasing our confidence in banks and are aware of the security of our deposits. But what if you want to buy something unplanned, which involves a decidedly larger proportion of our funds?


Help with unplanned expenses

car loan

Struggling with the problem of sudden expenses, we often wonder which path we should follow. We usually start our considerations by questioning the rightness of buying a given good. We wonder if we really need it? Or maybe we could postpone the purchase, preferably until we collect the amount of money needed? Then we usually come to the conclusion that the best solution would be to take out a loan. This is the right solution, because then we unknowingly affect our economy, and thus increase the quality of life. This means that for the money borrowed banks will expect a return, the value of which is almost perfect reflection of the loan taken out.In addition, it is an ideal solution at the moment, due to the low interest rates that allow you to take out almost free loans.


A bit about leasing

car lease

In the case of car loans, we have one more solution to think about. We are talking about leasing, which is becoming an increasingly popular solution. It is an agreement between two entities in which one – the lessee – pays a certain amount of money (installments) to the lessor. This means that until we pay the full value of the vehicle, we will only rent it. It will not be our property. To make the optimal selection, it’s worth following the financial pages and current rankings that will allow you to choose the best option.

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